Friday, April 22, 2005

It's Axiomatic: The Brits Love GMail and We're All Pack Rats

In this loving pean to gmail, the BBC discusses how people are filing away emails as a sort of "personal database" of communication, phone numbers, etc. I think if IM had better archiving facilities, it could capture this information as well (and more quickly). There's a lot of unstructured (and structured, for that matter) information out there folks. How are we going to tie it all together?

And on a side note, this article contains the term "Googlettes" which apparently describes new Google services. Correct usage:

"E-mail is a way of interacting not just with others, but also with yourself, " says Mr Harik, who is director of Googlettes (new Google services). "You want to remember something, so you send it to your mailbox."
Sometimes I think Google is getting too cute for its own good. Especially when you consider that their fully fed and massaged New York engineers say things like " it's axiomatic that we have several radio-controlled blimps".


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